In each participating country young people were supported by a project team including youth workers and social marketing experts to develop their own local campaign targeting 13-18 year olds vulnerable to obesity.

Young people were encouraged to think about what appeals to them and their peers, what other campaigns and brands they like, what healthy living means to them, and how best to present the package of benefits for this audience in exchange for them making changes to their behaviour.

It was important to this project to consider the whole picture of young people’s lives and provide support and messages to young people that addressed a broad range of factors influencing their lifestyles. Taking a youth-led approach to development of the campaigns helped to ensure the work appealed to other young people , and also meant that the project’s young campaign creators were meaningfully involved and empowered.


Look Up London, UK. Designed to motivate and be aspirational, Look Up is about living a healthy life to feel good.

Nebud’ pecka Prague, Czech Republic. The campaign title meaning relates to being active, moving and having an interest in life.




Som la pera Reus, Spain. The campaign title means ‘we are astounding’ and is a pun on the word ‘pear’. This campaign uses events and activities to encourage healthy living.


LUTA POR TI Lisbon, Portugal. The campaign title translates as ‘fight for yourself’ and is about taking the power and responsibility for your lifestyle choices.