Evaluation findings

EYTO Interim evaluation report: Provides a full assessment of the impact of the project against the expected process and outcome indicators, at interim stage.

EYTO Interim summary of learning: A two sided summary of the themes emerging from interim evaluation findings.

EYTO final evaluation report: An end of project evaluation, this report evaluates the projects findings.

EYTO: A youth led social marketing approach to encourage healthy lifestyles – conference poster: Presented at EiPP implementing the NICE guidance; maintaining a healthy weight and preventing excess weight gain, England, October 2015.

Pivotal insight: Young People in the EYTO project: Explores why young people’s involvement was pivotal to the success of EYTO, and makes recommendations to improve future polices and programmes for youth health. Made available at the Excellence in Paediatrics Conference, England, December 2015.


What made EYTO effective in engaging with and supporting children and young people on the topic of obesity?

  • Youth-led and peer to peer approach gave young people greater control top provide reliable, relevant, positive, inspirational and accessible information.
  • Young volunteers developed skills, knowledge and confidence so that they were better prepared to make decisions and take the lead.
  • Raised awareness of obesity and increased motivation for healthy eating and undertaking physical activities. 89.9% of survey respondents rated campaigns as somewhat or very effective in encouraging them to live a healthier life.
  • Provided experiences different from audiences daily habits. 16,823 young people across 4 countries engaged in a range of paper based, face to face and web-based activities.